Apple Strudel
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Apple Strudel is an elderly stallion earth pony.


Apple Strudel has a chrome colored mane; a white mane, mustache, beard, and tail; and blue eyes. He wears Apple Strudel shares his name with another member of the Apple Family (see Apple Strudel (female)), however, the male Apple Strudel's name is canon. Apple Strudel's cutie mark is unseen, but it is speculated that his cutie mark is the same as the picture on his trousers covering where his cutie mark should be.


Apple Strudel made his debut appearance in Family Appreciation Day when Granny Smith introduced him to Apple Bloom's class after she saw him on the train. Apple Strudel gave Apple Bloom a noogie.

Apple Strudel has only made one appearance throughout the whole My Little Pony Friendships is Magic series, meaning his first appearance was most likely his last.


Apple Strudel is an uncle in the Apple Family. However, it is unknown if he is Granny Smith's uncle or Apple Bloom's uncle. He is most likely Granny Smith's uncle because he looks much older than another uncle in the Apple Family, Uncle Orange.

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