Appleloosa is a Western styled based town that is home to many ponies. Alongside of Appleloosa, is where Little Strongheart and the buffalo herd reside, threatening to run down Appleloosa.


Appleloosa is based off a Western style town, meaning in Appleloosa, there are ponies based off of cowboys and cowgirls. The town is surrounded by rural areas, and that the whole of Appleloosa seems to be quite dry, lacking trees and grass as their town is nearly all dirt.


Season 1

Applejack and her friends begin their journey on a train to Appleloosa, in order to deliver a special apple tree from Sweet Apple Acres; Bloomberg, to Applejack's cousin Braeburn, for their apple orchard.

During the trip, a young buffalo and a herd of other buffalo, form a stampede in order to steal the apple tree from Applejack. Little Strongheart achieves her goal and manages to steal Bloomberg away. Rainbow Dash then goes off for Little Strongheart in order to get Bloomberg back. Following Rainbow Dash is Pinkie Pie, although Rainbow Dash is unaware that Pinkie Pie is secretly following her.

The rest of the ponies then arrive to Appleloosa and is then greeted by Applejack's thrilled cousin, Braeburn. Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle get a tour around the town, meeting the town ponies.

Meanwhile in the borders of Appleloosa, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie both stay at the buffalo camp for dinner and listen to why the buffalo herd stole the apple tree. Rainbow Dash begins taking sides on whether the citizens of Appleloosa are wrong or the Buffalo herd, as she chooses the buffalo herd, due to it was their land at first, before the citizens of Appleloosa started growing apple trees in their stampede track.

In Appleloosa, Braeburn also talks to Rarity, Fluttershy, Twilight and Applejack on why Appleloosa and the buffalo her have so many issues, soon Applejack supports Braeburn saying they need the land in order to survive and harvest the apples to eat.

With the feud going on between the two groups, Pinkie Pie decides to sing a song for both of the sides to make up, although it seems she's just made things worse. After the performance made by Pinkie, the buffalo herd then warn the citizens of Appleloosa that if they don't remove the apple trees, the buffalo will form a stampede tomorrow, destroying everything in their path. The citizens of Appleloosa start baking apple pies and apple fritters to use as a defence.

The two sides battle it out, and soon Chief Thunderhooves is hit with an apple pie from the sheriff. Chief Thunder Hooves then licks what he has just tasted, and likes what he has been hit with. Soon enough, the two sides decide to make a path through the Appleloosa's apple orchard, providing enough apples for the buffalo and citizens.


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