Bridle Gossip
Season 1, Episode 9
Air date December 10th, 2010
Written by Amy Keating Rogers
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Bridle Gossip is the ninth episode of the first season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It aired on December 10th, 2010 on The Hub.


Twilight and Spike visit town and find it deserted, wondering where everypony is, they are called over to sugarcube corner by Pinkie Pie. Inside they find the other ponies hiding from a mysterious hooded creature named Zecora. Nopony knows much about her except that she lives in the Everfree forest and visits the town monthly. Twilight dismisses thier fears, telling them its only superstition and that until anypony actually talked to Zecora they had no reason to fear. While the main six dispute Zecora's nature, Applebloom decides to go talk to Zecora herself. Noticing Appleblooms absence, the main six go after her and catch up just as she is following Zecora into the Everfree forest. When they leave with Applebloom, they walk through a large patch of blue flowers, ignoring Zecora's warning of "Beware, beware you ponyfolk! Those 'leaves of blue' are not a joke!". During the night, Twilight dreams about her friends warnings of Zecora and her warning of the flowers.

The next day, she is shocked to see her horn is rubbery and covered in blue spots and that she can't use her magic. The others arrive with ailments of thier own: Applejack is tiny, Rarity's hair is a mess, Rainbow Dash's wings are not on her back but on her lower sides, Pinkie Pie can't talk because of a swollen tounge, and Fluttershy's voice becomes incredibly deep and masculine. Everypony, except Twilight immediatly suspects Zecora had cursed them. Applebloom agian goes off the see Zecora but Applejack jumps in her mane.The others notice Appleboom is absent and conclude that she again went off to see Zecora and decide to go after her. Applejack reveals herself to Applebloom and commands her to turn around and go home. Applebloom, now being much larger than her sister, just laughs and puts her on a high branch she can't get down from and continues on her way to Zecora's hut.

When the main six get to Zecora's hut, they look through the window at her mixing together strange ingredients into a large pot, chanting in a strange language. Twilight maintains that there can be more to whats going on, but when they hear her mention Applebloom and the pot being "perfect for ponies" they assume that Zecora is making a stew to gobble up Applebloom. When they burst through the door, Rainbow Dash leading the way, wrecking the hut and spilling the pot. her, they find out that she is not an evil enchantress. She practices magic and herbology from her distant native land. Zecora is able to fix their problems and all is well.





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