Cherry Berry
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Vital statistics
Gender: Female
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Coat Color: Pink
Cutie Mark: Cherries

Cherry Berry is a fan-named name given to a earth pony mare.


Cherry has yellow hair, pink coat and purple eyes. Cherry's cutie mark is two cherries, hence her name Cherry Berry.


Cherry has made quite a few appearances throughout the whole My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series, first appearing in Friendship is Magic: Part One, and latest appearing (for now) in Magical Mystery Cure.

Season 1

1. Friendship is Magic, Part 1: Witnessing Twilight Sparkle's arrival in Ponyville, in the foreground at the start of Twilight Sparkle's surprise party, in town hall, glancing around, looking at Twilight Sparkle, and staring at Nightmare Moon.

2. The Ticket Master: Flashes by in the foreground of Rainbow Dash's fantasy, when The Wonderbolts fly by, on the dance floor in Rarity's fantasy, hears that Twilight Sparkle has an extra ticket to the Gala, cornering Twilight Sparkle.

3. Applebuck Season: Runs from cow stampede, standing around (a few times), in the audience at Applejack's party, hiding from the bunny stampede in a house.

4. Griffon the Brush Off: Standing near fountain, standing near an apple stand near Sugarcube Corner, watching Fluttershy run away.

5. Boast Busters: Standing in crowd at Trixie's show, gasping at Ursa.

6. Dragonshy: Walking through park, countered by Pinkie Pie, surprised by Twilight Sparkle's shout, looking at smoke in sky, listening to Twilight Sparkle.

7. Look Before You Sleep: Holding fallen bush in mouth.

8. Swarm of the Century: Raking lawn in park, looking at falling parasprites.

9. Winter Wrap Up: Standing in crowd listening to Mayor's speech, walking to animal team, walking to plant team, singing alongside Noteworthy and Cheerilee, pulling cart alongside Cheerilee and Coconut, singing from side of screen, standing with plant team, singing with Golden Harvest and Applejack, singing with the plant team, looking at Mayor, looking at Twilight, with ice-carving team, with a winter team vest, skating from a different direction, smiling in the crowd.

10. Call of the Cutie: Showing her produce to Shoeshine.

11. Fall Pony Friends: Cheering at Iron Pony competition, watching Rainbow Dash's bale of hay fly, carrying Applejack in celebration, in crowd, watching Applejack and Rainbow Dash do push-ups, watching Applejack leap, watching Rainbow Dash leap, watching the Running of the Leaves, standing near finish line, in crowd watching Rainbow Dash and Applejack tussle.

12. Suited for Success: Walking up to Rarity's fashion show, looking at Hoity Toity as he walks up.

13. The Show Stoppers: Talking with Shoeshine as Scootaloo zooms between them, laughing at talent show, applauding.

14. Green Isn't Your Color: Smiling at Fluttershy's first fashion show, in photograph, walking alongside Shoeshine, standing behind Lyrica at Fluttershy's latest fashion show, starts "clapping" along with Lyrica.

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