Cloudsdale is a major city in Equestria, situated in the skies atop the clouds. As this suggests, it is almost exclusively occupied by Pegasus ponies.

Location and Structure

Like many things associated with Pegasus ponies, Cloudsdale is built in a Greece-Roman style, white and light blue tinted marble built on a foundation of clouds. The fact that almost all its residents can fly allows it to be built on several levels, which along with the properties of clouds gives it a strange illogical tapering appearance. Water from the condensation of the clouds and rainbows from the rainbow factories flow over the edge in several waterfalls.

Its exact location has never been revealed, though it is within easy travelling distance of Ponyville.

Specific Locations

Factory district

Cloudsdale is the only center of major industry so far seen, where all the elements necessary for Pegasus weather control are created. Seen are the Snowflake Factory, where snowflakes are individually hoof-forged with the help of magnifying equipment. Also shown is the Rainbow Factory, where Rainbows are mixed and collected into pools.

Cloudsdale collects its water from different places each year, and it is collected by having all of the pegasus ponies fly around to create a hurricane, as seen in Season 2.


Celestia's statue

One of the most prominent structures in the city, this is an expansive arena that boasts an elegant interior and extensive seating space. A royal box at the far end is topped with a statue of Princess Celestia and a golden sun symbol. During Sonic Rainboom, it is used for the Best Young Flier's competition, it is likely used for many other events throughout the year.


It is unconfirmed if any other cloud cities exist in Equestria, but Cloudsdale is undoubtedly a major centre for Pegasi, given its size and hosting of the Best Young Flier's competition. It seems a very industrial city, a great many of the residents are seen wearing workers overalls and many of the larger buildings serve as factories for weather control.

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