Vital statistics
Gender: Female
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Occupation:  ???
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Coat Color: Pink
Cutie Mark:  ???

Cloudwalker is a fan-made name given to a earth pony filly.


Cloudwalker has a pink crimson mane, a more lighter, pale pink fur kind of color and lime green eyes. She shares the same design with the other fillies such as Coronet and Coronet Clover, with minor changes such as the eye color, cutie mark and the type of species they are from. Her cutie mark has not been revealed due to her tail covering it at the time she appeared, or it could mean that she hasn't obtained her cutie mark yet. Cloudwalker's name was fan-given to her due to her ability to levitate on clouds even though she is just an original earth pony. She also has other names such as Helium and Levitas.


Cloudwalker has only been seen once throughout the whole My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series, although her design has been used multiple times.

The episode that she only appeared in was called, Sonic Rainboom, where she was seen floating on a cloud.

Cloudwalker shares her design and colour scheme with Coronet, Coronet Clover, Cupid, and Ruby.


  • It is currently unknown how Cloudwalker was able to stand on the clouds, despite the fact that she is only an earth pony. Some suggestions is that she might have been on a spell caused by a unicorn pony, as seen with Rarity or it could of been just a careless mistake.