Vital statistics
Gender: Female
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Occupation: Student
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Coat Color: Light Pink Bubblegum
Cutie Mark: Crown with three prongs

Not to be confused with Coronet Clover.

Coronet is a fan-based name given to an earth pony filly.


Coronet has a light pink bubblegum fur color and a dark pink for her mane and she has orange eyes. Coronet has a gold crown for her cutie mark , thus earning her name. Coronet shares the same design with other multiple ponies such as Coronet Clover and Cloudwalker, although they have minor differences such as their race, and eye colors.


Coronet made her debut appearance in Call of the Cutie when she is seen socializing with other fillies throughout Diamond Tiara's party. Coronet only appears in one episode all throughout the first season, making her first appearance her last.

Coronet shares her design and colour scheme with Cupid, Ruby, Coronet Clover, and Cloudwalker.