Coronet Clover
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Vital statistics
Gender: Female
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Occupation: Student
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Coat Color: Pink
Cutie Mark: Shamrock

Not to be confused with Coronet.

Coronet Clover is a fan-based name given to a filly unicorn .


Coronet Clover has a dark pink mane, a pink fur color and line green eyes. Coronet Clover shares identical designs to two other background fillies; Coronet and Cloudwalker . Coronet Clover has a clover for her cutie mark, and the "Coronet" part is because she shares the same design with Coronet.


Coronet Clover appears in Call of the Cutie where she is seen partying with other fillies at Diamond Tiara 's party.

Coronet has only appeared in one episode throughout My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series, making her debut appearance, her last appearance.

Coronet Clover shares her design with Coronet, Cupid, Ruby, and Cloudwalker.