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Creme Brulee
[[Creme Brulee|{{{imagewidth}}}px]]
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
Kind: {{{kind}}}
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Occupation: {{{occupation}}}
Eyes: {{{eyes}}}
Mane: {{{mane}}}
Voiced by: {{{voice}}}
Coat Color: Light Caramel
Cutie Mark: Three Horseshoes

Creme Brulee is a fan-based name given to a stallion earth pony.


Creme Brulee has dark caramel hair, light caramel coat and green eyes. Creme Brulee's cutie mark is three blue horseshoes. He has Caramel's colors & cutie mark and Big Macintosh's character design.


Creme Brulee made his first appearance in the opening credits of Season 1 and is final appearance in Lesson Zero.


  • Creme Brulee's canon name is "Chance-A-Lot".

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