Vital statistics
Gender: Female
Kind: Earth Pony

Pegasus (Merchandise and on S4E10)

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Occupation: {{{occupation}}}
Eyes: Green
Mane: Light Green
Voiced by: Andrea Libman (S2E8)

Ashleigh Ball (S5E9)

Coat Color: Pink
Cutie Mark: Two daises

Daisy is an earth pony mare background character who often appears alongside her friends Lily and Rose.


Daisy's first speaking line is in The Ticket Master, and her name is mentioned in Bridle Gossip, where Twilight tells her "Daisy, we need to talk." She shares her design with Carrot Top, and shares her tail style with Lemon Heart and Twinkleshine. She also called "Flower Wishes" in some merchandise.


Her debut appearence was in Applebuck Season, when she was seen lying in the middle of the road with Lily and Rose after a stampede of bunnies and declared "A disaster, a horrible, horrible disaster!".

She frequently stands next to the stallion, Sir Colton Vines III many times throughout season 1 and 2.

She also makes an appearance in Bridle Gossip, where upon seeing Zecora alongside the group drew Rose's attention to the group with the words "Look Rose, how awful!"

Daisy makes another appearance in Look Before You Sleep.

She also makes an appearence in the Comic-Con poster, freaking out over the Cockatrice with Lily and Daisy.


  • Tumblr ls4f7hj35n1r2r7jpo1 500

    Daisy is the most level headed and mature of the three (which isn't saying much).

    She is another rare background character who's name is mentioned in the show.
  • Daisy has a a blind bag toy named "Flower Wishes" that shares a cutie mark and sort of similar colors, but otherwise looks nothing like her. Because Daisy was called Daisy in the show, it is possible that Flower Wishes is Daze-y's real name.

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