An earth pony.

Earth Ponies are regular ponies, with no horns or wings. These ponies cannot use magic, nor can they fly. Though they do not have wings or horns, they make up for it in speed, and are shown to be quicker than Pegasus Ponies on land. They may be generally physically stronger than the other two types of ponies, as shown in Winter Wrap Up, where Earth Ponies had no problem pushing plows while Twilight Sparkle needed magic to aid her. They also, according to Lauren Faust, have a special connection to flora and fauna. This makes them just as necessary as Pegasi or Unicorns, and perhaps, even more important. Fluttershy, however, seems to have a special connection with nature as well as Earth Ponies. This may be because Faust originally planned for her to be an Earth Pony, but ultimately decided against it, giving her the wings intended for Pinkie Pie. Many Earth Ponies are shown to work in the field of manual labor for a living, most prominantly shown in Winter Wrap Up, where many Earth Ponies are shown to plow fields. Though it is likely an Earth Pony will take up a job where they work outdoors, ponies like Pinkie Pie, Photo Finish, and Cheerilie are exceptions. In Winter Wrap Up, Twilight states that they are the founders of Ponyville, being the most prominent type of pony shown within the town, but places like Manehattan, Appleloosa, and Canterlot show Earth Ponies as residents. Ordinarily, they are not present in Cloudsdale, since they cannot walk on clouds like Pegasi, but due to an animation error, a young Earth Pony is shown to be standing on a cloud in The Cutie Mark Chronicles.

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