A rapid deployment of Colgate and Derpy saves Fluttershy's fashion show.

One of Celestia's more ingenious ideas, she realized that the underpopulation problem in Equestia could be fixed by the simple addition of hundred of clones made of selected ponies.This led her to set up the Equestria Cloning Project.

This project has been going for some time, explaining how certain ponies do not seem to age, having been seen in flash backs as adult mares. After some consideration she turned this towards military applications as well, explaining why all of the Royal Guard look exactly the same.


Some ponies have criticized the social impact of these policies.

Some of the most prominant volenters for this project are Trixie, Colgate, and Lyra, who's tireless population of duplicates have been deployed to fill many a crowd scene.


Alternatively, some people have put forth that this phenomena could be down to lazy artists. These allegations are clearly seditionist lies.

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