The Everfree Fores
The Everfree Forest

Looks like a pleasant place for a stroll.

t is a vast area of woodland that borders Ponyville . Viewed with fear by ponies, it represents the edge of civilized Equestria .

Location and Structure

As the Everfree Forest’s name implies, this is the one area so far mentioned where the climate and ecological control of the ponies does not apply. The clouds move on their own, the animals care for themselves and the trees require no aid to grow. This uncontrolled wildness is terrifying to ponies, but to a large degree the forest isn’t that bad to human eyes. It is certainly overgrown and easy to get lost in, with many dead trees and creeping vines, however there are some clear paths and the forest can be quite pleasant in the daytime. Zecora makes her home in the forest without any mentioned problems, and Twilight often goes to visit her. Apple Bloom as went off alone into the Everfree forest in Bridle Gossip , with no harm befalling her.

There are dangers however, similar to those found in untamed forests on earth. Many creatures live there, and some of them are both dangerous and aggressive. Those encountered have included a Manticore , a Cockatrice and even a Dragon . Similarly some of the plant life is poisonous, with the group’s blundering into a bed of Poison Joke in Bridle Gossip leading to serious consequences. The area can sometimes be treacherous as well, there are many cliff edges and ravines and the forest can often be too dark to see due to the tree cover.

Specific Locations

Zecora’s home

Built into a hollowed out tree, this is where Zecora makes her residence.
Article everfree forest

It's actually quite pretty if you look at it closely.

Decorated with items from her homeland, the building might look scary on the outside but offers a warm welcome to any who require it.

Palace of the Sisters


The lost palace of the sisters.

Its origins unknown, this great series of towers boasts similar design to Celestia ’s Palace in Canterlot and is decorated with images of both Luna and Celestia. It has long since been abandoned however and has fallen into great disrepair, many of its upper floors collapsed and those that remain overgrown and crumbling. The Elements of Harmony were kept here until the group retrieved them, and this is where Nightmare Moon fled after her return.

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