Frederic Horseshoepin
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
Kind: Earth Pony
Residence: Canterlot
Occupation: Composer & Pianist
Eyes: Green
Mane: White
Voiced by: Unkown
Coat Color: Brown
Cutie Mark: 2 sets of eighths; black and white

Frederic Horseshoepin is a fan-based name given to a stallion earth pony.


Frederic Horseshoepin has white-brown hair, brown coat and green eyes. Frederic Horseshoepin's cutie mark is two sets of eighth notes, one black and the other white. He wears a red bow tie and plays the piano. His name is a play on the name of Polish composer and pianist Frederic Chopin.


Frederic Horseshoepin made his single appearance during The Best Night Ever.

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