Hoity Toity
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Vital statistics
Gender: Male
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Occupation: Fashion critic
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Coat Color: Gray
Cutie Mark: Fan
Hoity Toity is an earth pony from Canterlot, and a famous fashion mogul. He appears in the episode Suited For Success.


Hoity Toity is very well known in the fashion world, though it's unknown if he designs outfits himself. He is the owner of of the Best of the Best Boutique in Canterlot however, and clearly knows what he's talking about when it comes to fashion. He practices what he preaches, wearing the most elaborate outfit seen on a male pony.

He is a personal acquaintance of Spike (however unlikely it seems), and is invited to Ponyville to view Rarity's fashion show featuring her Grand Galloping Gala outfits. Unfortunately her friend's meddling had ruined the designs and Hoity Toity was not kind, lambasting them for being "amateurish designs made from a pile of old mish mash of everything but the kitchen sink".

He was convinced to come back however and view Rarity's second fashion show, which now featured her original designs. These received a far more positive commentary from him, and he was impressed enough to put in a massive order from her for his upcoming catalogue


  • Hoity Toity is based on fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, though his accent is more akin to fellow fashion icon Tim Gunn. His own accent would later be used for Photo Finish.
  • He's not seen again after his appearence in Suited For Success, but can be heard speaking in Green Isn't Your Color.
  • He is oddly popular among fans that way inclined, with lots of his fanart drifting into outright erotica.
  • He owns a store in Canterlot called "The Best of the Best Boutique".

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