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Lily is an earth pony mare background character, who often appears alongside her friends Rose and Daisy.


Lily has light amber with pale amber highlight mane, pale, light grayish raspberry coat and pale, light grayish gold eyes. Her cutie mark is three lilies and she wears a lily in both ears (proof). Like her friends she is an abject coward prone to freaking out about minor threats. She works at a flower and herb shop in Ponyville. Lily Valley shares her design with Merry May and Cloud Kicker.


Her debut appearence was in Applebuck Season, when she fainted at the bunny stampede and was seen lying in the middle of the road with Rose and Daisy. When questioned she memorably declared "It was awful" in a loud, squeaky voice.

She also makes an appearence in Bridle Gossip, where upon seeing Zecora alongside the group declared "The horror, the horror!"

She also makes an appearence in the Comic-Con poster, freaking out over the Cockatrice with Rose and Daisy.


35339 - artist thelivingmachine02 berry punch Bonbon gilda human humanize​d karaoke lily Lyra rainbow dash the horror


Lily is the only one of the three who is never named, though the flower theme, her Lily cutie mark and the Lily in her hair makes her name pretty likely.

Lily has in previous generations been a Flutter Pony, a Pegasus Pony and a Unicorn Pony. All she needs is to be a Sea Pony and she'll have the full set.

It was actually Rose that declared, "The Horror, The Horror!" in Applebuck Season, but Lily's delivery of the line in Bridle Gossip appears to have cemented it as her catchphrase.

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