The following list is transcluded from the list of Pegasus ponies. To edit it, see this help page. For a more complete of summary of the depiction of Wonderbolts in the show, see The Wonderbolts.

The table can be sorted by clicking a square from a column in the top row.

Name Template:H:title Template:H:title Template:H:title Template:H:title Template:H:title Description and appearances Image
Blaze / BlastTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare vertShes in the Wonderbolts, seen frequently.150px
Fire StreakTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion verthsl(033, 82%, 98%)¤hsl(028, 99%, 62%)¤{{{background}}}¤Male Wonderbolt viewed in Best Night Ever. 150px
High WindsTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion verthsl(245, 50%, 96%)¤hsl(245, 53%, 20%)¤{{{background}}}¤Wonderbolt with crazy curly hair in Best Night Ever.150px
Ice Wind/ Aerial AceTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(049, 67%, 78%)¤hsl(198, 87%, 70%)¤hsl(000, 0%, 98%)¤One of the Wonderbolt judges for the Best Young Fliers Competition in Sonic Rainboom.150px
Lightning StreakTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion verthsl(201, 76%, 82%)¤hsl(048, 92%, 72%)¤{{{background}}}¤Male Wonderbolt in VIP section in Best Night Ever.150px
SurpriseTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare vertSeen in the Wonderbolts, viewed frequently.150px

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