Template:TitleThis is a sortable list of all pegasus ponies which have been mentioned or appear in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, except foals. Official names are in bold. These names are mentioned in the show, in Hasbro's toy line, or stated by the show's crew. Placeholder names are unofficial and based on the ponies' cutie marks, behaviors, attributes, and similarity to older generation ponies. Colors are approximate.

The table can be sorted by clicking a square from a column in the top row.

Name Template:H:title Template:H:title Template:H:title Template:H:title Template:H:title Description and appearances Image
Derpy HoovesTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(223, 30%, 83%)¤hsl(060, 92%, 81%)¤hsl(044, 86%, 58%)¤See Derpy Hooves.150px
Pegasus royal guardTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion verthsl(000, 0%, 98%)¤hsl(228, 72%, 63%)¤hsl(182, 85%, 51%)¤See Royal guards.150px
AlTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion verthsl(034, 74%, 62%)¤hsl(023, 40%, 51%)¤hsl(201, 56%, 57%)¤A worker distracted by Rarity's wings in Sonic Rainboom.150px
ArnieTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion verthsl(039, 38%, 63%)¤hsl(034, 6%, 22%)¤hsl(197, 24%, 44%)¤A worker distracted by Rarity's new wings.150px
Boxxy / Burl / PeteTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion verthsl(040, 30%, 59%)¤hsl(059, 39%, 86%)¤hsl(000, 0%, 0%)¤Derpy Hooves's foreman. His cutie mark is a crate. Quite possibly the largest pony in Equestria.150px
Blueberry CloudTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(205, 81%, 73%)¤hsl(236, 50%, 46%)¤hsl(233, 23%, 51%)¤Shares her design with Lightning Bolt. Her cutie mark is a rain cloud.Blueberry Cloud
Bluebird Happiness / SassaflashTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(200, 100%, 67%)¤hsl(179, 75%, 36%)¤hsl(037, 78%, 58%)¤Her cutie mark is a lighting bolts.Bluebird Happiness
Blue October / Blueberry MuffinTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(193, 81%, 77%)¤hsl(205, 57%, 44%)¤hsl(200, 57%, 62%)¤Shares the same design as Derpy Hooves.150px
BrollyTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion verthsl(300, 33%, 99%)¤hsl(214, 57%, 56%)¤hsl(050, 62%, 61%)¤Was helping out in Sonic Rainboom after Rarity's plunge. His cutie mark is a purple umbrella.Brolly
Luke / CappuccinoTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion verthsl(027, 28%, 40%)¤hsl(047, 62%, 61%)¤hsl(094, 55%, 57%)¤Flies across the screen in Sonic Rainboom, along with Roy G. Bow. His cutie mark is a yellow six-pronged star with four five-pronged stars surrounding it.150px
Cherry IceTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(358, 88%, 72%)¤hsl(022, 100%, 75%)¤hsl(297, 90%, 84%)¤Seen at the Grand Galloping Gala.150px
Chocolate BlueberryTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(190, 80%, 77%)¤hsl(035, 48%, 32%)¤hsl(036, 100%, 57%)¤ Her cutie mark is a lighting bolt.Chocolate Blueberry
Cloud KickerTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(250, 78%, 84%)¤hsl(041, 100%, 74%)¤hsl(320, 46%, 74%)¤See Cloud Kicker.150px
Cool StarTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion verthsl(062, 100%, 90%)¤hsl(359, 59%, 51%)¤hsl(091, 67%, 64%)¤Very cool-headed pony. During Best Young Flyers competition he was the only one not shocked by Rarity's fall and not excited by the sonic rainboom. His cutie mark is a five-pointed blue star.Cool star
Cloud ShowersTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(202, 65%, 83%)¤hsl(045, 83%, 72%)¤hsl(034, 55%, 61%)¤Shares her design with Cloud Kicker. Her tail appears to be a different colour to her mane.Cloudshowers
Daddy Hooves / Daddy Doo / NimbosTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion verthsl(240, 24%, 69%)¤hsl(055, 73%, 78%)¤hsl(238, 18%, 58%)¤ Similar color scheme to Derpy Hooves.150px
Ditzy DooTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(000, 0%, 98%)¤hsl(000, 0%, 98%)¤hsl(000, 0%, 98%)¤She was mentioned during Winter Wrap Up for flying the wrong direction for the second year running, trying to fetch the migrating birds back to Ponyville. Should she appear in an episode, she may get Derpy Hooves's design.150px
Dollar / Cashier / Money ShotTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion verthsl(035, 35%, 44%)¤hsl(050, 64%, 75%)¤hsl(057, 69%, 71%)¤One of the Pegasi paparazzi seen in Green Isn't Your Color. Similar in coat, mane, cutie mark, and profession,to Youess Dee. His cutie mark is a reversed, golden symbol of the USD.150px
DrizzleTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(251, 52%, 81%)¤hsl(039, 70%, 65%)¤hsl(310, 33%, 80%)¤Seen next to Cloud Kicker in Friendship is Magic, part 2. Asks Twilight Sparkle, "What ticket? What Gala?" in The Ticket Master. Her cutie mark is three umbrellas.Drizzle
Dumb-Bell / BillyTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion verthsl(030, 26%, 34%)¤hsl(038, 36%, 82%)¤hsl(211, 60%, 62%)¤One of the pegasus jocks from Cloudsdale, who used to be in flight school with Rainbow Dash. His cutie mark is a dumbbell with six weights. He is voiced by Samuel Vincent.150px
Endless CloudsTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(330, 69%, 82%)¤hsl(043, 72%, 70%)¤hsl(309, 47%, 67%)¤Seen cheering at the Best Young Flyer competition. Shares the same design as Lightning Bolt. Her cutie mark is a cloud.150px
FireflyTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(182, 95%, 78%)¤hsl(300, 87%, 85%)¤hsl(035, 85%, 52%)¤Has a similar color palette and cutie mark as the G1 pony Firefly. Shares the same design as Honeysuckle. Her cutie mark is two yellow lightning bolts.150px
Flash BulbTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion verthsl(000, 100%, 99%)¤hsl(201, 66%, 63%)¤hsl(199, 72%, 74%)¤A paparazzi pegasus from Green Isn't Your Color. His cutie mark is a film strip.Flashbulb
Merry May / Flora / YsiadTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(085, 62%, 71%)¤hsl(296, 62%, 64%)¤hsl(288, 64%, 57%)¤See Merry May.150px
Flutter Doo / Flutter Hooves / Bubbles / Kiki / Ditzy DooTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(225, 16%, 79%)¤hsl(267, 48%, 65%)¤hsl(070, 80%, 71%)¤The pegasus who managed to bring the birds back to Ponyville in Winter Wrap Up. Shares the same cutie mark and and design as Derpy Hooves. Her cutie mark is seven bubbles.Flutter Doo
Granny / KittyTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(216, 100%, 95%)¤hsl(300, 50%, 99%)¤hsl(203, 100%, 71%)¤Shares the same design as Granny Smith. Works at the weather factory in Cloudsdale. Her cutie mark is a purple ball of yarn.150px
Green GemTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion verthsl(030, 94%, 66%)¤hsl(019, 100%, 99%)¤hsl(196, 38%, 56%)¤ His cutie mark is three green covers.Green Gem
Dizzy Twister / Gum / Windy WhirlTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(046, 83%, 79%)¤hsl(334, 58%, 68%)¤hsl(326, 60%, 55%)¤ See Dizzy Twister.150px
Heart Throb / Pink LightingTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(331, 45%, 79%)¤hsl(006, 65%, 71%)¤hsl(218, 42%, 61%)¤Shares the same design as Lightning Bolt. Her cutie mark is cloud with a lighting bolt.150px
HoneysuckleTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(008, 100%, 90%)¤hsl(040, 100%, 73%)¤hsl(035, 98%, 58%)¤ Her cutie mark is lighting bolts.Honeysuckle
Hoops / KevinTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion verthsl(037, 70%, 65%)¤hsl(027, 31%, 40%)¤hsl(126, 80%, 62%)¤One of the pegasus jocks from Cloudsdale, who used to be in Flight School with Rainbow Dash. His hair always covers his eyes. His cutie mark is three basketballs. He is voiced by Kathleen Barr.150px
Ice Pop/ Cryo Doo / Frosty HoovesTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(218, 24%, 79%)¤hsl(197, 57%, 93%)¤hsl(066, 73%, 71%)¤Shares the same design as Derpy Hooves. Her cutie mark is seven bubbles.Ice pop
Icy RainTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(244, 69%, 78%)¤hsl(174, 60%, 69%)¤hsl(174, 24%, 53%)¤Knocks snow off branches in Winter Wrap Up. Her cutie mark is two rain drops.Icy rain
Juicy FruitTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(285, 70%, 75%)¤hsl(321, 45%, 51%)¤hsl(326, 58%, 50%)¤Has the same coloring and cutie mark as Berry Punch. Her cutie mark is a bunch of grapes and a strawberry.Fruit Punch
Lightning Bolt / Thunder Cracker / Thunder RushTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(216, 71%, 99%)¤hsl(198, 87%, 70%)¤hsl(183, 95%, 75%)¤See Lightning Bolt.Lightning Bolt id
Leeroy WingkinsTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion verthsl(022, 51%, 54%)¤hsl(049, 67%, 78%)¤hsl(095, 87%, 60%)¤One of the competitors in the Best Young Flyer competition. Twilight notes that he did 15 barrel rolls in a row during the competition. His cutie mark is a guitar.150px
Lucy / PackardTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(042, 64%, 85%)¤hsl(035, 90%, 57%)¤hsl(325, 53%, 46%)¤The backstage manager at the Best Young Flyer competition. Speaks with a New York accent. Her cutie mark is three tornadoes.150px
MaddenTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion verthsl(215, 61%, 67%)¤hsl(217, 65%, 82%)¤hsl(221, 53%, 58%)¤The announcer at the Best Young Flyers Competition.150px
MedleyTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(178, 60%, 80%)¤hsl(165, 63%, 43%)¤hsl(194, 60%, 59%)¤Looks a lot like a 1983 pony named Medley, although the original Medley had a musical note cutie mark. Her cutie mark is white rain cloud, raining.150px
Orange BlossomTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(247, 83%, 82%)¤hsl(055, 97%, 86%)¤hsl(037, 97%, 60%)¤Pretty party pony. She can be heard saying, "Blank... blaaank" in Call of the Cutie at the party, after Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon call Apple Bloom a 'blank flank'. 150px
Orange Doo/ Orange Box / Left 4 Doo / Team Fortress Doo / Fruity HoovesTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(311, 3%, 71%)¤hsl(025, 74%, 65%)¤hsl(060, 51%, 63%)¤Shares the same design as Derpy Hooves. Her cutie mark is seven bubbles.Orangebox
Opal WaterTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(190, 81%, 77%)¤hsl(248, 73%, 79%)¤hsl(035, 99%, 58%)¤Seen in Winter Wrap Up shovling snow off a roof.150px
PapermoonTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion verthsl(053, 32%, 74%)¤hsl(040, 34%, 34%)¤hsl(218, 54%, 62%)¤He took care of the Wonderbolts together with Brolly in Sonic Rainboom. His cutie mark is a waxing crescent moon. Same color palette and mane as Doctor Whooves.150px
Parasol / ShowersTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(056, 100%, 79%)¤hsl(307, 33%, 71%)¤hsl(035, 99%, 60%)¤See Parasol.

Parasol flies

Peppermint CrunchTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(218, 34%, 60%)¤hsl(256, 100%, 73%)¤hsl(273, 15%, 44%)¤Seen at the weather factory in Sonic Rainboom.Peppermint Crunch
Pink CloudTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(332, 100%, 92%)¤hsl(357, 59%, 73%)¤hsl(344, 31%, 67%)¤Appears in Applejack's fantasy in The Ticket Master.Pinkclouds
Pumpkin TartTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(038, 80%, 71%)¤hsl(229, 100%, 91%)¤hsl(171, 33%, 78%)¤Appears seen in Sonic Rainboom watching the Best Young Flyer competition.Pumpkin Tart
Q. T. PrismTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(000, 0%, 87%)¤hsl(235, 18%, 71%)¤hsl(000, 0%, 98%)¤Appears in Winter Wrap Up. Her cutie mark is rainbow.Optic Prism
Rainbowshine / Rainbow Day / Bubble GabbleTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(244, 69%, 78%)¤hsl(330, 69%, 82%)¤hsl(344, 31%, 67%)¤See Rainbowshine.150px
RaindropsTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(051, 100%, 71%)¤hsl(158, 100%, 71%)¤hsl(177, 70%, 41%)¤See Raindrops.150px
RaysTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(045, 100%, 76%)¤hsl(302, 89%, 78%)¤hsl(338, 51%, 68%)¤Shares the same design as Flora. Her cutie mark is three suns.Sun rays
Velvet Hooves / Red VelvetTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(221, 19%, 80%)¤hsl(351, 62%, 62%)¤hsl(051, 97%, 74%)¤Shares the same design as Derpy Hooves. Her cutie mark is seven bubbles.LOL Redhead Derpy
RiverdanceTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(209, 100%, 67%)¤hsl(181, 48%, 41%)¤hsl(194, 69%, 66%)¤Seen talking to Linky. Her cutie mark is three umbrellas.Riverdance
Roy G. Bow / LavenderTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion verthsl(265, 70%, 88%)¤hsl(000, 0%, 37%)¤hsl(149, 100%, 22%)¤Flies across the screen in Sonic Rainboom. Usually spotted with Cappucinno. His cutie mark is a red, orange, and yellow-striped rainbow.150px
Score / QuarterbackTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion verthsl(237, 11%, 63%)¤hsl(345, 3%, 23%)¤hsl(345, 3%, 23%)¤One of the pegasus jocks from Cloudsdale, who used to be in flight school with Rainbow Dash. His hair always covers his eyes. Laughs, but doesn't speak at any time during Sonic Rainboom. His cutie mark is three american footballs.150px
SkirtsyTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(061, 98%, 77%)¤hsl(302, 43%, 73%)¤hsl(163, 85%, 58%)¤Appears in The Best Night Ever. Her cutie mark is three purple umbrellas.Skirtsy
SkyraTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(166, 83%, 74%)¤hsl(185, 56%, 82%)¤hsl(040, 83%, 76%)¤Shares a color palette with Lyra Heartstrings. Her cutie mark is hard to discern, but appears to be a lyre.Sky Lyre
Snow CatcherTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion verthsl(232, 19%, 82%)¤hsl(300, 1%, 20%)¤hsl(046, 93%, 73%)¤Tries to get back the lost snowflakes in Sonic Rainboom.Snow catcher
StardancerTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(285, 88%, 90%)¤hsl(235, 54%, 56%)¤hsl(271, 28%, 52%)¤Seen in Sonic Rainboom. Her cutie mark is a white star.Stardancer
Starsong / Sugar AppleTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(237, 85%, 80%)¤hsl(315, 80%, 48%)¤hsl(332, 60%, 77%)¤Seen at the weather factory in Sonic Rainboom. Looks similar to the G3 pony Starsong.Sugar Apple
Sugar GrapeTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(285, 34%, 64%)¤hsl(240, 2%, 88%)¤hsl(051, 59%, 77%)¤Shares the same design as Derpy Hooves.Sugar grape
SunburstTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion verthsl(047, 87%, 66%)¤hsl(025, 81%, 59%)¤hsl(174, 77%, 65%)¤Seen at the weather factory in Sonic Rainboom.Sunburst
Sunny DelightTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(005, 44%, 81%)¤hsl(302, 44%, 65%)¤hsl(333, 25%, 55%)¤Her cutie mark is three suns.Sunny delight
The Tenth Doctor / Doctor Whooves #3Template:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion verthsl(213, 97%, 88%)¤hsl(211, 47%, 34%)¤hsl(047, 37%, 50%)¤His cutie mark is an hourglass.150px
Tracy Flash / ShutterflyTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(058, 93%, 78%)¤hsl(184, 56%, 74%)¤hsl(050, 100%, 50%)¤Paparazzi pegasus pony. One of three trying to take photos of Fluttershy in Green Isn't Your Color. Her cutie mark is roll of film.Tracy Flash id
TornadoTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion verthsl(238, 98%, 82%)¤hsl(047, 66%, 79%)¤hsl(047, 99%, 73%)¤Seen at the weather factory in Sonic Rainboom.Tornado
Under D. Weather / Tropical StormTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(085, 62%, 71%)¤hsl(330, 69%, 82%)¤#F9F9F9¤Seen singing during the Winter Wrap Up musical number. Her cutie mark is Three rain drops.150px
Vanilla SkiesTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(036, 44%, 69%)¤hsl(187, 52%, 80%)¤hsl(333, 75%, 40%)¤Watches Rarity's fashion show in Suited For Success. Her cutie mark is three tornadoes.Vanilla Skies
VinceTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion verthsl(0, 0%, 85%)¤hsl(206, 11%, 46%)¤hsl(169, 52%, 73%)¤A cloud worker distracted by Rarity's wings in Sonic Rainboom. Shares the same design as The Tenth Doctor.150px
Wind Whistler / SassaflashTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(187, 52%, 80%)¤hsl(050, 86%, 86%)¤hsl(039, 100%, 50%)¤See Wind Whistler.150px
Wing WishesTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(358, 60%, 83%)¤hsl(260, 60%, 65%)¤hsl(039, 100%, 50%)¤Seen in Sonic Rainboom. Her cutie mark is three twisters.Wing Wishes
Yo-Yo / GumdropTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(050, 100%, 74%)¤hsl(005, 44%, 81%)¤hsl(039, 100%, 66%)¤A pony seen amongst the crowd at the Best Young Flyer competition in Sonic Rainboom. Looked excited being there.150px
Blaze / BlastTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare vertShes in the Wonderbolts, seen frequently.150px
Fire StreakTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion verthsl(033, 82%, 98%)¤hsl(028, 99%, 62%)¤{{{background}}}¤Male Wonderbolt viewed in Best Night Ever. 150px
High WindsTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion verthsl(245, 50%, 96%)¤hsl(245, 53%, 20%)¤{{{background}}}¤Wonderbolt with crazy curly hair in Best Night Ever.150px
Ice Wind/ Aerial AceTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(049, 67%, 78%)¤hsl(198, 87%, 70%)¤hsl(000, 0%, 98%)¤One of the Wonderbolt judges for the Best Young Fliers Competition in Sonic Rainboom.150px
Lightning StreakTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion verthsl(201, 76%, 82%)¤hsl(048, 92%, 72%)¤{{{background}}}¤Male Wonderbolt in VIP section in Best Night Ever.150px
SurpriseTemplate:Hiddentext/Pegasus vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare vertSeen in the Wonderbolts, viewed frequently.150px


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