Template:TitleThis is a sortable list of all unicorn ponies which have been mentioned or appear in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, except foals. Official names are in bold. These names are mentioned in the show, in Hasbro's toy line, or stated by the show's crew. Placeholder names are unofficial and based on the ponies' cutie marks, behaviors, attributes, and similarity to older generation ponies. Colors are approximate.

The table can be sorted by clicking a square from a column in the top row.

Name Template:H:title Template:H:title Template:H:title Template:H:title Template:H:title Description and appearances Image
Allie Way / Lapis Shores / Sapphire SkiesTemplate:Hiddentext/Unicorn vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(66, 90%, 92%)¤hsl(190, 59%, 58%)¤hsl(172, 34%, 75%)¤Appears in The Cutie Pox at the bowling alley. Shares similar color pallet to Sapphire Shores, as well as distinctive long legs. Her cutie mark appears to be three art deco stars, two pink and one blue.Alliway
Banana FluffTemplate:Hiddentext/Unicorn vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(066, 93%, 79%)¤hsl(279, 67%, 47%)¤hsl(294, 92%, 69%)¤Seen in Sisterhooves Social. Shares the same deisign as Sparkler.Banana Fluff
Cup O' TeaTemplate:Hiddentext/Unicorn vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion vert150px
Carlton / GeorgeTemplate:Hiddentext/Unicorn vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion vert150px
Doctor Whooves the ThirdTemplate:Hiddentext/Unicorn vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion vert150px
Elizabeth / FleurTemplate:Hiddentext/Unicorn vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare vert150px
Fran / Gertrude / Buttons / MarthaTemplate:Hiddentext/Unicorn vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare vert150px
Lemon DropletsTemplate:Hiddentext/Unicorn vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion vertHe watched the Wonderbolts Derby and the Hearth's Warming Eve play.150px
Pink PunchTemplate:Hiddentext/Unicorn vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare vertWas in the Hearths Warming Eve play.150px
PorterTemplate:Hiddentext/Unicorn vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion vert150px
Princess SilverliningTemplate:Hiddentext/Unicorn vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare vertSeen Behind Princess Platinum.150px
Princess Silver RainTemplate:Hiddentext/Unicorn vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare vertSeen Behind Princess Platinum.150px
Raspberry Cider Template:Hiddentext/Unicorn vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion vert#adab6f¤#b97346¤#aca095¤Seen in Canterlot in Family Appreciation Day.150px
Rising Star /DJ W1SH / Neon Lights / Star-SearchTemplate:Hiddentext/Unicorn vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion vert150px
Star Swirl the BeardedTemplate:Hiddentext/Unicorn vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion vertTwilight Sparkle dresses up as this pony in Luna Eclipsed. He is mentioned in Hearths Warming Eve when Clover the Clever said he mentored the pony.150px
Terra Troph/ Kristoph Gavin / Vance Van VendingtonTemplate:Hiddentext/Unicorn vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion vert150px
ViolyreTemplate:Hiddentext/Unicorn vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Mare verthsl(233, 72%, 68%)¤Seen in Lesson Zero, trying to get Smarty Pants. Her cutie mark is a lyre.150px
Written Script / Phineas Scrollbottom / BookwormTemplate:Hiddentext/Unicorn vertTemplate:Hiddentext/Stallion verthsl(000, 0%, 90%)¤hsl(300, 43%, 25%)¤hsl(145, 50%, 54%)¤Seen in The Mysterious Mare Do Well as an adoring fan of Rainbow Dash. His cutie mark is a scroll.150px

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