May the Best Pet Win!
Season 2, Episode 7
The Race begins
Air date November 19th, 2011
Written by Charlotte Fullerton
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The Mysterious Mare Do Well
May the Best Pet Win! is the seventh episode of the second season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It aired on November 19th, 2011 on Hub.


Rainbow Dash is dreaming about racing, Owlicious keeps up with her speed.

Rainbow Dash wakes up from her nap and notices everypony is playing with their pet. Rainbow Dash gets annoyed and says she wants a pet, Fluttershy gets happy and introduces Rainbow Dash to a lot of pets. Rainbow Dash wants a pet that can fly and is "awesome" with speed and agility. Rainbow Dash starts with a basic race and the falcon wins! She then tries agility in which the hummingbird was victorious. Rainbow Dash does awesome next which the bat won by playing the My Little Pony chime with it's wings on glass. The tortoise runs away with a song A Sad Little Tree to the desert and got scared by a female coyote named Blood playing with her boyfriend Dusty, the tortoise decides to make some friends Geckos,Honey Pot Ants,skunks and her mother and her father and 2 teenage boy coyotes Weasel and Flesh they sang Welcome to the Desert and babysit 21 Armadello pups and Winona found tracks Opal agrees with that Gary leaves him and went off alone. The next morning the desert breeds gathered around and the tortoise is one of the desert gang the Vicious Pack is going to take over the desert then the pets found a truck to the desert then they climbed in. On a rainy day the Vicious Pack is here with they're evil owner her brothers warned his parents then her family and relatives attacked them then the tortoise's friends helped him then Winona bited the dog Opal scratched the back then the tortoise had a scratch on his back leg then it rained Rainbow Dash starts crying the coyotes and pets mourn to the tortoise then he waked up and he was a hero and become a pet even Blood becomed best friends and named him Tank


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  • The offical Youtube account for the Hub (HUBTVNETWORK) released an early video clip of this episode on Nov. 17 2011.
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