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  • Hi KellynKaz,

    It looks like you've decided to fork. I just want to make sure everything is handled properly.

    I see you have a notice up on the main page. That's fine for a little longer, but it will need to be removed soon - I hope you understand why. After you remove the notice on the front page, the discussion of forking has to be kept to the announcement itself, which means you can't change templates or add a notice.

    In the past, we have had problems with admins moving to a new fork, but also staying and trying to influence the direction of the wikia they have left. We haven't removed rights from departing admins, unless they have tried to harm the wikia or use it to promote their own, but there can be a serious conflict of interest in trying to run what will become two competing communities. Because of these problems, I would ask that those who have chosen to leave remove their admin rights at Special:UserRights. This will also make it clearer to any future editors who to contact if they need help, and staff will be available for that until new admins are found.

    If there are questions, let me know - I'm here to make everything as smooth as possible :)

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