Such a majestic bird.

Philomenais a phoenix and is Princess Celestia's pet.


Philomena has a red, yellow and orange fiery coat. Philomena also has red blazing wings.

Philomena also has another descriptive side when she looses her feathers, and when she is about to resurrect again. When she's about to begin her cycle again, all her feathers are gone, and are replaced with skin. She only has a few feathers and her wings have turned very short.


Phil's Pheather

Philomena's last feather falls off.

Philomena made her debut appearance in A Bird in the Hoof, where Princess Celestia brought Philomena to Ponyville's welcome party. After Princess Celestia made her acquaintance with Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Applejack, she went off to do some business. Fluttershy then peeks in the cage Philomena is kept in, and is worried sick for the bird after seeing it in bad condition, unaware that she was just going through her life cycle. Fluttershy then sneaks to her house to nurse it back to health. However, though Fluttershy tries everything she can think of, Philomena only ends up looking more sick and loosing more feathers.

After a while, Twilight happens by to thank Fluttershy for her good behavior at the party, and finds Philomena. When the ponies decide to return the bird, royal guards, in search of Philomena, are at the door. Though Twilight manages to throw them off the trail, she is now horrified of what the Princess will do to the ponies who stole the royal pet, and agrees to help Fluttershy nurse Philomena with some of her own tough love, causing the bird to make a run to Ponyville.

After a long chase sequence, Fluttershy and Twilight then finally catch up to Philomena, although Philomena loses her last feather, and bursts into ashes in Fluttershy's hooves. Princess Celestia arrives and is aware of what Philomena is doing: a prank. The princess then asks Philomena to cut it out, and the pile of ash then suddenly transforms into a majestic bird, to everyone's surprise. Philomena is then asked by Rainbow Dash if she could use one of her feathers in order to break the Royal Guard's concentration.


Philomena seems to have a mischievous personality as she played a trick on Fluttershy and Twilight, running away from them and tickling the Royal Guards.


Philomena lives in Canterlot with her owner, Princess Celestia.

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