The My Little Pony brand describes its characters as ponies. The brand's toys, as the name suggests, usually consist of small colorful plastic ponies. The characters on the various My Little Pony television shows and movies are depicted with varying degrees of fantasy elements, like the ability to speak, fly, use magic, or walk on two legs.

Use of the term "ponies"

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic divides the ponies into three "kinds":

  • Earth ponies, who most closely resemble real ponies for having no wings or unicorn horn.
  • Pegasus ponies, for whom two terms are used: "pegasi" in the episodes Sonic Rainboom and The Return of Harmony Part 1, and "pegasus ponies" in Sonic Rainboom and Look Before You Sleep. When referring to a single pony, "pegasus" is always used, with the exception of "pegasus pony" in Friendship is Magic, part 1.
  • Unicorns, which are always referred to by this term in the show, but the wiki also uses the term "unicorn ponies" for consistency with "pegasus ponies" and "earth ponies", since unicorns are also called ponies.

The two princesses, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, are referred to as unicorns despite having both a unicorn horn and wings; they are called "Pony Princesses" in Hasbro's merchandise.

Related terms

The show's dialog frequently substitutes human terms with pony terms in certain words and phrases such as "everypony" for "everybody" or "out of my mane" for "out of my hair".

Other terms

Braeburn refers to other ponies as "horses" in Over a Barrel; Sapphire Shores mentions "Clothes Horse magazine" in A Dog and Pony Show; and Trixie boats in Boast Busters that she is destined to be "the greatest equine who has ever lived". Two other kinds of equines are featured in the show: Zecora, who is a zebra and explicitly stated not to be a pony, and a mule that is used as a visual gag in Applebuck Season. One of the Diamond Dogs refers to Rarity as a "mule" in A Dog and Pony Show, a term which deeply upsets her.

Age and sex

The show's ponies may be grouped by age and sex into colts, fillies, mares, and stallions. A pony's sex can be ascertained by the shape and size of their muzzle: stallions' muzzles are angular, squared off and larger, while mares' muzzles have a more rounded appearance and are much smaller than a stallion's. Another way to determine a pony's sex is by their eyelashes. Mares and fillies will have eyelashes, while stallions and colts don't. However very young baby ponies will have eyelashes, with males having a single eyelash, and females with two.

While in previous My Little Pony generations, all young ponies were often called "baby ponies", while in Friendship is Magic young ponies and baby ponies are differentiated. Young ponies are simply called "fillies" or "young ponies", and are grouped with baby ponies under foals.

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