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Vital statistics
Gender: Female
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Occupation: {{{occupation}}}
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Mane: {{{mane}}}
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Coat Color: Cream
Cutie Mark: A rose

Rose (or Roseluck) is an earth pony mare background character, who often appears alongside her friends Lily and Daisy.


Rose has burgundy hair, a cream coat and green eyes. Her cutie mark is a rose. Like her friends she is an abject coward, prone to freaking out about minor threats. She works at a flower and herb shop in Ponyville.


Her debut appearence was in Applebuck Season, when she was seen lying in the middle of the road with Lily and Daisy after a stampede of bunnies and declared "The horror, the horor".

She also makes an appearence in Bridle Gossip, where upon seeing Zecora alongside the group declared that "the evil enchantress has cursed them all".

She also makes an appearence in the Comic-Con poster, freaking out over the Cockatrice with Lily and Daisy.


  • Tumblr lqtem96Meo1qgko10o1 400

    Rose, Roseluck, Susan... whatever, she's still cute.

    Rose is one of the only background characters to actually have an official name. Naturally this was too simple and easy for Hasbro, so when they released a toy of her they decided to call her Roseluck.
  • This isn't too big a change, she could after all just be using a shortened version of her full name, but it means for fans she is a convenient battleground for the ugly fight between the animation and toy division of Hasbro.
  • This means that any pleasant discussion about the poor mare will be instantly derailed into an argument between supporters of the two names.

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