Ruby Pinch
Vital statistics
Gender: Female
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Coat Color: Pink
Cutie Mark: Three Gems

Ruby Pinch is a fan-based name given to a unicorn filly.


Ruby Pinch has pink fur, a deep pink mane and lime green eyes. Ruby shares the same designs with Coronet, Coronet Clover and Levitas. They have the same colors, although they have different cutie marks. Ruby's other name, Overly Protected Little Filly, was given to her because when she first appeared in Bridle Gossip, she was dragged inside by another pony. Ruby's other names are: Berry Pinch, Berry Blast and Cherry Daiquiri.


Ruby made her debut appearance in Dragonshy where she is seen sleeping on the grass. Ruby makes another appearance in Bridle Gossip where she is seen getting dragged inside by her mother.

Ruby's design has been re-used by the creators many times throughout the show, having different eye colors and different cutie marks.

Ruby's first appearance was in Dragonshy and her last was in Bridle Gossip. (Note: This does not include her other designs.)

Ruby shares her design and colour scheme with Coronet CloverCoronet, Cloudwalker, and Cupid.

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