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Vital statistics
Gender: Female
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Occupation: School filly
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Coat Color: Amber
Cutie Mark: None

Scootaloo is a young pegasus pony and a member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Her first appearance was in Friendship is Magic, Part 1 as a background pony but her major first appearance was in Call of the Cutie. Her idol is Rainbow Dash.


Vivacious and tomboyish, Scootaloo provides the explosive energy of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Often impatient and eager to try new things, most of the new ways to gain their cutie marks are her idea. She has a fiery temperament, and can sometimes be moody and overly critical. Apple Bloom occasionally takes advantage of this by goading her into losing her temper, still the two share many interests and are close friends.

Scootaloo’s impatience works against her sometimes. She rarely shows any introspective ability, and of all the crusaders seems the most unaware of what a cutie mark actually is. She tends to open her mouth before thinking, and lack

Step away from the microphone kid!

s any form of tact. She’s also a little competitive and a little bit of a show off, openly displaying her scooter skills and eagerly taking the frontman role in The Show Stoppers.

It's worth noting that despite that enthusiasm, she quickly demonstrates that she lacks any talent for music whatsoever. Indeed her singing abilities (or lack of them) are a major part of why their performance of "Cutie Mark Crusaders Theme Song" unintentionally wins best comedy performance.

Scootaloo greatly admires Rainbow Dash, and her dream of emulating her idol certainly isn’t j

Yes, she did just vault that branch in bullet time. It was indeed awesome.

ust a pipe dream. Though she cannot fly yet, Scootaloo demonstrates her impressive agility on her scooter, pulling off a ramp jump, 360 degree turn and a vault across a low hanging branch before landing smoothly back atop her scooter in The Show Stoppers. Even if she can’t fly yet her open wings when in the air demonstrate that she is capable of using them to gain herself some extra leverage for a jump.




Fan Reaction


That's not how you draw a chicken!

Scootaloo is notably popular in the fandom. The most prominent meme is “Scootaloo is a chicken”, drawn from Apple Bloom’s mocking in Stare Master and featuring pictures of her morphed into a chicken.

The second popular meme is the rather cruel “Scootabuse”, where fans take advantage of her perfect mix of cuteness and slightly unsympathetic behavior to visit various forms of torture upon her.