Spitfire id
Vital statistics
Gender: Female
Kind: Pegasus Pony
Residence: Cloudsdale
Occupation: Captain of the Wonderbolts
Eyes: Orange
Mane: Amber
Voiced by: Nicole Oliver (sonic rainboom) Kelly Metzger (other)
Coat Color: Gold
Cutie Mark: Yellow lightning bolt

Spitfire is a member of The Wonderbolts. She appears in The Best Night Ever where she witnesses Rainbow Dash save Soarin's pie from dropping. Recognizing Rainbow Dash as the winner for the Best Young Flyer Competition, she invites her to join the Wonderbolts in the Gala. She also appeared earlier in the episode Sonic Rainboom, as one of the Wonderbolts that tries to save Rarity. Rarity ends up kicking her in the face as she falls, knocking Spitfire unconscious. She appears as drill sergeant in Wonderbolts Academy and flies the aerial relay with Soarin and Fleetfoot.