The Wonderbolts are an elite celebrity group of aerial stunt pegasus ponies. The group consists of eleven pegasus ponies; five of which are male and the other six female. Rainbow Dash speaks highly of them and dreams of joining their group one day. She gets to spend a day with them as a reward for her winning the Best Young Flyer Competition and later hangs out with them for a short while during the Grand Galoping Gala. So far, only four of the eleven members' names have been told in the show. Spitfire, Soarin and Fleetfoot makje a real appearence while Rapidfire is only mentioned by Fancypants in Sweet and elite.

In season three. Rainbow Dash attends the Wonderbolts Academy, a training centre for potential Wonderbolts. In Testing, Testing 1, 2, 3 Rainbow Dash needs to learn the history of the Wonderbolts. They also won gold at the Equestria games in aerial relay.

Aerial Ace

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