"Maybe next time you will take a second look, and not judge the cover of the book."
Vital statistics
Gender: Female
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Occupation: Herbalist
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Coat Color: Striped (Dark and light gray)
Cutie Mark: Tribal Sun
Zecora is a zebra from a far away land. Indeed, when she first came to Ponyville no one knew what she was and assumed she was some dangerous new creature. After being befriended by Apple Bloom the ponies were eventually convinced otherwise, and she now is a respected member of the Ponyville community.


Proud, strong-willed and sometimes a little blunt, some of the intimidation Zecora causes is her own fault. Her limited command of the language can sometimes lead her simple advice to be taken as threats, and her anger is swift when she is confronted with rudeness or violence. Nonetheless, she is quick to forgive and kindhearted enough to take care of the fillies at Nightmare Night. Indeed like Luna would later learn, she seems to enjoy using her intimidating voice and appearance to conjure fear and awe for the kid’s enjoyment.


Zecora first and foremost is a skilled herbalist, aware of the names and properties of many rare plants around the Everfree Forest and skilled with mixing up antidotes. Living alone in the Everfree Forest also requires skills in survival, and it appears that she made her own house. To have traveled so far on her own demonstrates further skills and experience.

In Luna Eclipsed, she also shows some skill as an illusionist and magician, conjuring a ghostly image of Nightmare Moon from some green powder. She seems quite skilled at manipulating its movements too, using it to perform several different effects.





  • The HUB website spells Zecora's name as "Zakora".

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